Hat Patterns, Get Your Hat Patterns!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.22.12 PMAre you ready for the 2016 Yarn Bowl? Let’s make all the hats (and beat Ole Miss in the process)! We’ll be collecting baby hats from April 16th – September 1st, and all of our beautiful handiwork will be donated to the DCH Regional Medical Center here in Tuscaloosa.

We need hats for preemies through full-term babies, so there are LOTS of options! Need a few hat patterns to get you started? We’ve got you covered – and they’re all FREE!

Try this Simple Baby Hat pattern by Alison Wilson – it’s a lovely little one-hank hat (perfect for embellishing) and the rolled brim is absolutely adorable.

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Or knit up this cute little Basic Baby Hat by Heather Tucker. It’s a simple pattern with a ribbed bottom, stockinette body, and neatly decreased crown. It’s worked in the round so that it’s seamless (and oh-so-comfy for little delicate heads).



Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.35.29 PM



If you’re looking for crochet patterns, the Easy Baby Hat by Anita Meehan is a classic choice, and you can easily customize it with endless color choices.




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And you absolutely cannot go wrong with this beyond cute Baby Hat by Bernat Design Studios – it’s really a tiny crochet wonder – the only thing that’s cuter is the lucky baby who will get to wear it!


What Can You DO with Color Work?

weaverknitsYou’re thinking of signing up for the Ann Weaver workshops April 29-30, but you just aren’t sure what you’ll do with the skills you learn. It’s ok! I’ve been there. So I’m going to tell you – and show you! – what you’ll gain and what you’ll be able to do after the workshop!

In the Albers Cowl and Color Theory workshop, you’re going to gain new appreciation for how colors work together – and how they don’t! You’ll learn new ways of combining color to bring out their beauty, and once you have a new understanding of color and the skills to apply it in your knitting, your projects will take on a whole new dimension!

This is the perfect skill to apply to fingerless gloves, cowls, shawls – you know – ALL the projects you love to make as gifts? Application of  color theory takes them from thoughtful (which they are, of course) to being works of art.

astrid albertAnd speaking of gifting, don’t you declare EVERY year that you’ll start your projects earlier this year, and then, all of a sudden, it’s November? “Ah, next year,” you think. Well, this workshop is the PERFECT opportunity to jumpstart your gift-making, and to do it with color combinations that must be seen to be believed!


Finishing Techniques with Ann Weaver

finishing techniques@2xDo you have projects piling up, awaiting final touches like seaming, grafting, weaving in ends, or working button bands? Are your finishing skills – or lack thereof – dragging your knitting down? Then this is the class for you!

Join us Saturday, April 30th, from 1-4pm. Register by April 1st to reserve your spot and to score early-bird pricing!

Skills needed: casting on, knitting, and binding off.

Yipes Stripes Workshop with Ann Weaver

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Join me for Ann Weaver’s Yipes Stripes Workshop on April 30th from 9am-12pm. In this class, you’ll learn oodles of new striping techniques, including a turned hem, two-color and three-color braids, large stripes, small stripes, slipped stitches, and a two-color bind-off, all while making a gorgeous cowl!

Skills Needed: Knitting in the round on circular needles; knitting using two colors per round.

Give us a call at (205)-758-0108 to reserve your spot at the table – special early bird pricing is good through March 19th!


Mosaic Knitting Workshop with Ann Weaver

mosaic knitting@2x.pngExpand your color-knitting skills: learn to knit two-color patterns using slipped-stitch techniques. You can create complex patterns and textures using only one color per round! This workshop will meet Friday, April 29th, from 1pm – 4pm, and early bird pricing is in effect now through March 19th! Give us a call at (205)-758-0108 to reserve your spot and to save up to $40 per class.

In this workshop, you’ll begin a cowl that uses slipped-stitch patterns, moving from basic to moderately complex.

Skills Needed: Knitting in the round on circular needles.

Ann Weaver’s Albers Cowl and Color Theory Workshop

We are absolutely delighted to be hosting the amazing Ann Weaver for a weekend of fun workshops April 29-30! We’ll be kicking off the workshop weekend with Color Theory and Log Cabin Knitting: The Albers Cowl, on Friday, April 29, from 9a-12p.

ann weaver albers cowl@2xUsing her treasure trove of swatches as well as yarn from the store, Ann will teach us about color theory, including lightness, saturation, hue, and complimentary colors. To help us choose future color combinations, each participant will receive a personal color wheel.

After we’ve explored the different interactions of color, Ann will guide us through how to knit her Albers Cowl using Log Cabin knitting techniques, like picking up and knitting stitches. This project is perfect for experimenting with what you’ve learned about color in the workshop, as it uses small portions of yarn and simple techniques.

You’ll learn how to measure gauge in garter stitch, neatly pick up stitches from both horizontal and vertical edges, and how to keep it all really square. If time allows, Ann will show us the sewn bind-off and mattress stitch.

Skills needed: Casting on and knitting garter stitch; experience knitting with fingering-weight yarn on small needles

Materials needed:
• Craft Work Knit, or the individual pattern for the Albers Cowl (available at the shop)
• US Size 2 straight or circular needles (any length).
• Fingering weight yarn for the first square (at least two colors)
• In preparation, knitters should have the center square of one of the cowl blocks completed.




Ann Weaver: Color Work Genius!

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This April, Serendipity Needleworks is bringing the amazing Ann Weaver and her Color Work Workshops to Tuscaloosa! We thought you might like to know a little bit more about her (and about the INCREDIBLE workshops headed our way!). Pre-register soon for the April 29-30 workshops as space is very limited.

Ann WeaverAnn Weaver has been designing handknits since 2007 while working a string of unrelated jobs. Her self-published books include Craft Work Knit (2010), White Whale Vols. I and II (2011 and 2012), and Cityscapes (2012, in collaboration with Neighborhood Fiber Co.). She is also the author of Twentieth Century Graphic (August 2012, published by Knit Picks), and has created collections of patterns based on container ships and shipbreaking, the work of Mark Rothko, and classic cocktails.

Since 2010, Ann has traveled to yarn shops across the country to teach workshops to knitters of all levels, sharing her fervor for color theory, striping, modular knitting, shawl knitting, mosaic knitting, and finishing techniques. Whatever she teachers, all her students leave feeling confident, accomplished, and energized to use colors and techniques in new ways.

I hope you’ll join us for Ann Weaver’s workshops – come to one or come to all – you’re sure to leave inspired and ready to tackle new (or old!) projects.